Autotelic Objects is a creative output for sculptural and functional homewares. It’s an artistic alternative to mundane objects.
Merging innovative technologies with craft techniques, producing ceramic pieces for your unique home.


All objects are designed, developed and produced one piece at a time at the London studio. The range of products includes various drinking vessels and functional pieces for the kitchen.

These pieces are made from porcelain, stoneware and terracotta slip with raw exterior and glazed interior surfaces.

Shop cups

Unique experience for tea and coffee enthusiasts.

Shop pourers

Artistic design with functionality.

Shop handle cups

Sculptural cups designed for everyday use.

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Beauty and utility can go hand in hand.


Justas Silkauskas is the founder, designer and maker at Autotelic Objects. He is self-taught in slipcast ceramics and 3d technologies. These skills help him achieve his vision to transform personal observations and internal narratives into tangible creations.


His aim is to provide unique and functional homewares, to create and produce pieces for special experiences.


Currently experimenting on tracing of hand drawn doodles in digital environment and furthering those concepts through 3d rapid prototyping to physical ceramic objects.


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